How I became the Unexpected Nutritionist

Getting healthy is the single best gift you could give yourself and in turn your family and friends. Eventually, all the bandaid solutions will no longer be enough. What will it take for you to realize that your health is what matters most in life?

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    “Working with Yui has been the best decision! As someone who suffered with acne for nearly 15 years, Yui has been the only person who provided me with not only the answers but the SOLUTION to my issues. While I was on the protocol suggested by Yui, my skin glowed, it was the best it ever looked and I now feel good within my body. Yui’s professionalism and extensive knowledge allowed me to feel comfortable expressing myself freely during our time working together. With my acne gone, my confidence is through the roof! I cannot thank Yui enough for showing me a way of better living. Definitely worth the investment & I am beyond glad to call Yui my holistic nutritionist”

    Lori, Age 27, Melbourne, AUS

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    "I've been watching Yui's career and journey in integrative health & nutrition unfold into the thriving lifestyle that she now lives today.  What drew me to Yui was that she herself was going through a transformation to a healthier lifestyle and the immense knowledge she gained & shared during that time convinced me to reach out to her and overcome my own health issues.  Yui "keeps it real" and though I thought I'd never have that chocolate croissant again, the cool thing about Yui is that she understands we live in the real world, have different lives, as well as come from various backgrounds & cultures in which all have contributed to our overall view of health.  With Yui, she's easy to communicate with and I've come to understand my own behavioral patterns in which she's continuing to help me navigate through my own road map to a healthier lifestyle.   Since starting with Yui, I've lost 25lbs and her integrative practice has definitely helped me get a jump start to my health and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me."

    RV, Age 41, San Francisco, CA

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    “I was struggling with candida overgrowth for a few months, and it was really affecting my quality of life. I tried different treatments and diets, but nothing seemed to work. That's when I discovered Larissa Yui on TikTok and decided to work with her. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process. She provided me with a detailed plan that was tailored to my specific needs and goals, and she was always available to answer any questions I had. Thanks to her guidance and support, I was able to overcome my candida overgrowth and regain my health. I highly recommend Larissa to anyone who is struggling with candida or any other health issue.”

    Maryam, Age 22 , Dubai, UAE

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