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Yui's Guide to Candidiasis

Yui's Guide to Candidiasis

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You are ready to unveil the secret to optimal health with our comprehensive PDF guide, a beacon in the often murky world of Candida overgrowth.


This guide dives deep into the causes, symptoms, and solutions for this challenging condition, illuminating the path toward a healthier you.

Discover how the Spit Test, a straightforward self-assessment tool, our Symptoms Quiz and how the OATS Test can help pinpoint systemic Candida overgrowth. Follow along our step-by-step instructions, including tips for test preparation and more!

Our guide offers a candida protocol complete with dietary recommendations and supplement suggestions. What's more? Book a personalized session with a health expert for a tailored health plan that respects your unique needs and expectations.

Empower your wellness journey with our informative guide.


What's Inside:

In-depth Understanding of Candidiasis:

The guide offers comprehensive information on Candida overgrowth, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options. It empowers you with knowledge to understand your body and the way Candida affects it.


Detailed Testing Instructions:

It provides step-by-step instructions for the Symptoms Quiz + Results, Spit Test and Organic Acids Test to help you identify if you are suffering from Candida.


Personalized Candida Protocol:

The guide lays out a complete Candida protocol that includes dietary recommendations and supplement suggestions, tailored to assist your fight against Candida overgrowth.


Candida Friendly Food List and Meal Plans:

The guide equips you with a list of foods that are safe to eat when dealing with Candida, along with meal suggestions for breakfast, snacks, and a simple meal plan.


BONUS: Printable On-The-Go Grocery List:

This bonus item is designed to make your shopping experience easier, efficient, and Candida-friendly. It organizes the Candida-friendly foods into categories, making grocery shopping a breeze.


Pre-test Preparation:

Guidance on effective preparation for the Spit Test, including dietary restrictions and hydration tips.


Candida Protocol

Guidelines and step-by-step instructions for a Candida protocol, including dietary recommendations and supplement suggestions.


Personalized Consultations:

Information on booking personalized sessions with a health expert.


Candida Care Kits:

My top recommendations and solution to address and treat your Candidiasis.


Holistic Approach:

Emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness.


Diet Templates:

Simple easy-to-follow meal plan templates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to follow during the Candida diet.


Organic Acids Test:

Insight into the Organic Acids Test, a measure of gut health and nutritional status.

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