About Yui

Yui is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist practicing in the online space and in-house at her private practice located in Toronto, ON. Yui works with individuals to improve their overall state of health from a detox perspective. We currently live in a very polluted environment where we are all being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis that impacts our healthy in so many negative ways; some symptoms include fatigue, chronic headaches, allergies, unexplained weight gain, sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, candida overgrowth and the list goes on. People tend to equate nutritionists as “that person who gives you a food plan to follow”. Food absolutely plays a crucial role in optimal health but in ridding your body of harmful toxins we do dig deeper to really get at the root cause of your health concerns. Yui thoroughly analyzes her clients lifestyle, diets and past illnesses in order to personalize the most effective protocol to improve their overall state of health. 

At YuiMsYui Inc. we believe that each client is unique and therefore we do not subscribe to a one plan fits all. We do a deep dive into every aspect of our clients lives which includes not only nutrition but fitness, sleep patterns, mental health, and lifestyle preferences as well. The aim is to educate, support, and empower each of our clients to achieve their goals to gain a healthy, happy life that embodies their personal vision of what optimal living means to them.

Yui’s Certification & Continuing Education for Nutrition:

  1. Graduated with First Class Honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition 
  2. Certified level IHP1 & IHP2 as a Integrative Health Practitioner 
  3. Certified Metabolic Balance Coach in Canada & USA Metabolic Balance