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Ultragest (Digestive Aid)

Ultragest (Digestive Aid)

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UltraGest™ – 100 Tabs – is a broad spectrum digestive enzyme supplement. Its hydrochloric acid content improves digestion in the stomach.

Its hydrochloric acid content improves digestion in the stomach.  Its bile content emulsifies fats so that lipase enzymes can go to work on them (a must for those with no gallbladder).  Hydrochloric acid and bile also destroy gastrointestinal parasites.  Pancreatin provides protease, lipase and amylase enzymes – to break down proteins, fats and starches.  Papain and Bromelain are vegetable enzymes (from raw papaya and pineapple) that help break down proteins.  Peppermint soothes the digestive tract and reduces flatulence.

ULTRAGEST’s hydrochloric acid (from betaine HCl) and pepsin go to work immediately on food in the stomach.  Its bile and pancreatin work minimally in the stomach and become fully active when they reach the small intestine.

The acidity of ULTRAGEST assures that the body makes the most productive use of its own enzymes.  Low stomach pH triggers the conversion of pepsinogen (in stomach cells) into pepsin.  Low stomach pH also triggers the pancreas to release bicarbonate and pancreatin.  Thus, the enzymes in ULTRAGEST add to the body’s own enzymes rather than substitute for them.  This formula makes up the difference between what the body is able to produce itself and what it needs for optimal digestion.  It does not create dependence.

Suggested Use: 1 to 4 tablets per meal, depending on its content of protein and/or fat, and how much digestive support is required.  Take ULTRAGEST immediately after a meal.

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