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Candida Bundle

Candida Bundle

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Candida, Yeast & Fungal Overgrowth

Reduce, replenish and rebalance candida in four weeks using a biological approach that aligns with the body’s ability for self-regulation. Easy, permanent and patients will feel and see the results with no need for strict diet or intense die-off reactions. Adding Serrapeptase will help break up mucus and allow better access for candida reduction.

Set patients up for success with the Candida Bundle.

"After a Nutritional Assessment, many of my clients are showing signs of candida. I recommend the CandFix Kit + Serrapeptase, which clears the gut of overgrowth and has good absorption. My clients call it a miracle, as their gas and bloating and sugar cravings all go away along with many other symptoms.

I give 2 CandFix Kits back to back, with the clients who only take 1 coming back a month later to take the second one. They feel rejuvenated afterwards. "

~ Audrey Sinclair, RHN. Surrey, BC

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