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Biomed Sinus Bundle

Biomed Sinus Bundle

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Sinusitis, Inflammation, Pain, Biofilm
This bundle offers a 12% savings over purchasing these products separately.

The Sinus Bundle contains mucolytic enzymes and traditional German medicine to break up excess mucous, decrease inflammation and congestion of the mucous membranes, increase expectoration, and support health sinus function.

The Sinus Bundle includes:

Serrapeptase - Serrapeptase is an proteolytic and mucolytic enzyme derived from the bacteria Serratia mercesans. As a broad spectrum systemic enzyme, it works to break down inflammation and break up excess mucous and congestion. It is used to support healthy respiratory and sinus function, as well as muscle, joint and overall tissue health

Luffa tabs 60 tablets - Luffa tabs are a traditional German preparation for sinusitis. This homeopathic combination is used for sinusitis, sinobronchitis and associated symptoms including chronic coryza with headache and accompanying bronchitis. It inhibits inflammation in the nose and paranasal sinus, decreases inflammation of lymphatic nodes and tonsils, and stabilizes the function of the sinubronchial complex.
Medical Ingredients:
See individual product details for medicinal ingredients, contraindications and cautions/warnings.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Recommended Dosage:

Serrapeptase – Take 1 capsule once per day. Take 2 hours after a meal.

Luffa tabs – Take 1 tablet and dissolve on the tongue three times daily.

Acute: Take 1 tablet and dissolve on the tongue every hour until symptoms improve.
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