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Simply Inulin

The Method


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SImply Inulin Powder is made from 100% Jerusalem Artochoke root and is a prebiotic fiber supplement. 

Benefits of Fiber:

1. Regulates blood sugar

2. Helps with weight loss. Soluble fiber fills you up by prolonging your stomach from emptying (absorb nutrients better) & keeps you satiated longer.

3. Is a prebiotic that feeds gut bacteria.

4. May guard against insulin resistance, cancer & heart disease.

5. Pulls excess estrogen and cholesterol out of the body. 

6. Bowel health.

Suggested Use:

Start small. Having too much fiber when your body isn’t used to it can cause bloating & discomfort. Begin with 1 tsp per day and gradually increase dosage to desired amount. Some people experience gas & bloating. Give your body some time to get used to it and the gas should stop.

Warning: If you have Bacterial Overgrowth (Candida) do not use until you first tackle this gut concern. Inulin feeds the good & bad gut bacteria. Once you get it under control then you can begin to experiment with inulin.

Please Note: Inulin can only be sold/shipped across Canada excluding Kitchener, Waterloo. Orders outside of these parameters will be cancelled & refund.