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PurePea™ Protein Powder

Designs for Health


PurePea™ is a natural pea protein isolate that’s delicious and very easy to digest. Made from North American grown yellow peas, PurePea™ contains no dairy, making it ideal for even the strictest vegetarians. And, it is produced with a natural fermentation process which uses no chemical solvents.

PurePea™ is a safe alternative for people with allergies to milk and milk products who must avoid casein or whey proteins, and for those with lactose intolerance.


• Easy to absorb - does not contain anti-nutritional factors such as phytates and tannins that are found in soy which can inhibit absorption of minerals including iron, zinc, and calcium. Vegan diets are also known to be high in phytates.

• Soy may have estrogenic eects that are not always desired. Pea protein contains low levels of isoflavones (estrogen-like compounds), minimizing possible estrogenic eects.


For athletes and bodybuilders who cannot tolerate whey protein, PurePea™ is a great choice. It contains a well-balanced amino acid profile, close to that of whey protein. Its excellent array of these building blocks of protein, including high levels of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), makes it a great protein source for athletes and anyone who is physically active. PurePea™ is excellent to use before, during, and after exercise, as adequate intake of protein, in particular BCAAs, helps to promote muscle growth and repair, particularly after strenuous resistance training.